Amarylca synger med Midtvest Pigekor


Upcoming Concerts

Saturday 14 october 16h : Evensong at Sint-Gummaruskerk, Lier

with: HeliconMidtvest Pigekor and Amarylca



Sunday 15 october, 10:30h: High Mass at Sint-Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen

with: Midtvest Pigekor and Amarylca



Sunday 15 october, 16h: Concert at Jezuitenkerk, Lier

with: Midtvest Pigekor and Amarylca

5 euro (drink included)


Sunday 19 november, 15h: the womanly song of god at Jezuitenkerk, Lier







Upcoming Concerts

May 14 :  Lierische Kunsten, Jezuïetenkerk, Lier: 13 u

with music from Libby Larsen, Franz Schubert, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul Simon

November 19:  The womanly Song of God, Jezuïtenkerk, Lier: 15u 
with the ensemble MU6 and CC De Mol

Save the date: Amarylca's 20th Birthday!


On Sunday, November 19th, Amarylca celebrates her twentieth anniversary. 

In cooperation with MU6 and CC De Mol, we will bring the celebration concert:  "The Womanly Song of God".

This concert will take place at 15h at the Jezuïtenkerk, Lier. 

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Christmas is coming

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Amarylca in Montreux


Amarylca in Montreux foto uniform

 Amarylca won the public's prize  and the second prize in the equal voice choir competition.  It  was a beautiful journey, many thanks to all who made this possible.